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  1. I am a responsable of a tomatoes production unit of 2.5 ha in Nantes in France and I want to creat my firm (3 ha) near my parent’s firm in Bretagne near Paimpol. To creat this firm I want to get many informations about energy system I don’t know exatly what system I’ll instal. I want to know too the different adress of greenhouses builder can you inform me?
    Thank you about your web site and about informations you’ll give me.
    Pierre Guyomar

  2. We interested in contacting a Dutch company with experience in the automation of horticulture green house system(automation of irrigation and fertilizers).

    Kindly advise

    Thank you

  3. Dear Erik Van Berkum,

    My name is Ronid Exilus and I am a student in FIU’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication. I am currently taking the Communication Research course in which I work with my peers on a research project focused on environmental/green communication in the blogosphere.

    I would greatly appreciate your sharing with me and my classmates your opinions on various topics related to your blogging experience by filling out an online survey. As we want to learn about blog readers too, I would ask you to kindly distribute the survey link to your automated mailing list and/or post it on your blog.

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    Ronid E.

    School of Journalism & Mass Communication
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  4. Dear Erik
    I am working as consultant engineer in agricultural systems in Iran. we starting up greenhouse projects in large scales. I have some questions about manufacturers and legal costs. please inform me how I can have such this informations.

  5. Hello Erik,

    In the list of greenhouse builders I do not find any for Tunisia nor for any neighbouring countries of Tunisia. Maybe you or somebody else has the expertise to advise me what is the cheapest option, greenhouse builders from Italy or elsewhere?

    Thanks for your help,


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