El Concepto de Panels de Control

Un invernadero tiene muchas cajas de control e interruptores.

Panels son menos costoso y mas fácil instalación
La combinación de los requisitos de los controles eléctricos y los cortacircuitos en unos pocos paneles fácil de instalar, simplifica la instalación complete y ahorrar dinero en todo el proyecto.

Estos paneles personalizados contienen y combinan todos los puntos de datos Hoogendoorn, los módulos de interfaz los arrancadores de motor y tambien los paneles de cortacircuitos norteamericanos.

Los puntos de datos son el hardware de la computadora, tambien conocidos como los módulos o terminales de entrada y salida.

Quitar de su instalación

What you can take out to make it simple
What you can take out to make it simple

Ahorra dinero

Módulos de interfase han sido agregados para vincular el hardware de la computadora con los circuitos de controles eléctricos.

Reveladores de control de alto voltaje han sido agregados para vincular los módulos de interfaz a los circuitos eléctricos de control de alto voltaje.

Arrancadores de moteres han sido agregados para encender y proteger los circuitos de suministro del motor.

El resultado final …..

Panel eléctrico de combinación Panel
Panel eléctrico de combinación Panel
Proyecto Final
Final Scheme

Sé prudente invertir en paneles eléctricos de combinación para el largo plazo

Gracias Al van den Ende Ispecs

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Hoogendoorn @ Canadian Greenhouse Conference

Hoogendoorn America will be present at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference from October 8 – 9, 2008 at the International Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Over the last years the conference was attended by more than 2.200 visitors.

This year Hoogendoorn America will be a sponsor of the Canadian Greenhouse Conference. One of the key note speakers will be Dr. Patrick Moore, Chairman and chief scientist for Greenspirit and Co-founder and former member of Greenpeace.

Your greenhouse business is a busy place. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on any one thing for long. Even if it’s just one thing that could make all the difference for your business. The CGC offers you the freedom to find that one thing. The freedom to explore the latest technologies, to learn about cutting-edge resources available to you, the freedom to view the newest products and varieties at your leisure. Imagine the freedom to focus on helping your business flourish. Sound impossible?
That’s the ONE THING you’ll get at this year’s Canadian Greenhouse Conference. Just think. Over the course of 2 days, you can consult with true innovators in the industry, and network with all the fellow growers, distributors, educators and researchers that make this such a vibrant and exciting industry. And, of course, along with our lineup of excellent speakers, we are happy to welcome our keynote speaker, Patrick Moore, of Greenspirit, who is sure to inspire us all!patric-moor-canadian-greenhouse-conference

Another Speaker on the Greenhouse conference will be Hoogendoorn Economic client and user Mark Elzinga, from Elzinga & Hoeksema Greenhouses, Portage MI talking about Reducing your Greenhouse Footprint

Vineland Welcomes Hoogendoorn America

VINELAND, Ontario, June 2008 – Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is pleased to welcome Hoogendoorn America Inc. as a new tenant of the Centre.

With over 40 years of expertise, Hoogendoorn has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in the development of new, environmental growth management technologies. It is renowned for being the most innovative automation expert in glasshouse horticulture, and exemplifies the ideal mix of man and machine to deliver climate control and environmental management for the horticulture industry. This has resulted in Hoogendoorn’s expansion into multinational markets including Europe, North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and North America.

“We are very excited about relocating our North American offices to the Vineland Centre because we are confident that the centre will become a world-class research institution and international hub for horticulture and floriculture research, innovation and commercial activity,” “said Erik van Berkum, General Manager of Hoogendoorn America Inc. “Vineland is all about facilitating innovation, and innovation has been, and continues to be, the key to Hoogendoorn’s success.”

Hoogendoorn has relocated to Vineland with a very aggressive mandate, and it will use its Vineland office as the base to launch all of its marketing and sales efforts for the North American, South American, Australian, New Zealand and Asian markets.

“Vineland is extremely pleased to welcome Hoogendoorn to the Centre,” said Jim Brandle, CEO of Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. “We look forward to facilitating collaborative research and working with Hoogendoorn as part of Vineland’s efforts to become a destination showcase for new greenhouse technologies for the North American market.”

About Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Located in the Niagara Region, the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is a not-for-profit corporation. As result of a government, academic and industry led initiative, Vineland is becoming world-class research institution and international hub for horticulture and ornamentals research, innovation and commercialization. Created in 1906 through a gift by M.F. Rittenhouse, the Vineland Research Station has contributed to the emergence of a competitive horticulture industry in one of Canada’s most unique geographic regions. It is accredited with the development and release of over 150 new varieties of fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants, as well as numerous production techniques and post-harvest technologies.

About Hoogendoorn America Inc.
Hoogendoorn is known as the most innovative supplier of process automation systems in the horticultural industry. With over 40 years of expertise, Hoogendoorn strives to provide the optimal greenhouse climate, increase crop yields, and assist in the management of costs and risks in glasshouse horticulture. All projects are assessed individually, regardless of their size. Innovation is Hoogendoorn’s prime focus, and it focuses on integrating the latest techniques and insights into growers’ professional management to simplify complex processes. Hoogendoorn calls that Growth Management, and it is at the heart of all of its services, people and products. Hoogendoorn America Inc. is a division of Hoogendoorn Growth Management and a member of the Hoogendoorn Group.

For more information, contact:
Bob Kalbfleisch
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre
Special Advisor, Policy and Communications
Email Bob Kalbfleisch

Erik van Berkum
Hoogendoorn America Inc.
General Manager

Hoogendoorn Growth Management America moving offices

From Greenhouse Canada written by Dave Harrison

Hoogendoorn America Inc Office

Hoogendoorn Growth Management is moving into new offices at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, in the heart of Niagara’s greenhouse industry in Ontario.
“Hoogendoorn has chosen this location because of confidence that over the next years, the centre will become a world-class research institution and international hub for horticulture and floriculture research, innovation and commercial activity,” said general manager Erik van Berkum. “This is exactly the environment where Hoogendoorn wants to be. We need an active environment where we can test and further develop our greenhouse climate control equipment, our plant sensors and web services for online management and collaboration.”
For further information, contact Erik van Berkum at 289-668-3155, or national sales manager Pete Hendriksen at 289-407-6420.

The company’s website is www.hoogendoorn.ca, and the fax number is 905-688-7036.

The wordmark of the Government of Ontario, featuring a stylized version of the provincial flower, the trillium.

Anuncio Hoogendoorn Growth Management Norte América


El señor Peter van Duijn, Director de Hoogendoorn Growth Management tiene el placer de anunciar el nombramiento del senor Erik van Berkum como Gerente General de Hoogendoorn Growth Management en América, localizado en Niagara, Ontario , Canadá.
Este nombramiento se hizo efectivo desde el mes de Diciembre de 2007.

Por la confianza en el crecimiento de las empresas de horticultura en América, Hoogendoorn Growth Management de Holanda, esta haciendo la inversión en la industria de horticultura en América, estableciendo su oficina principal en el corazón de la región de Niagara en Ontario, Canadá.Erik van Berkum

Erik van Berkum es el responsable de Hoogendoorn América manejando actividades en Norte y Sur América, Asia, Australia y Nueva Zelanda. Erik ha trabajado para empresas como The Greenery International, en Holanda y durante siete anos trabajo para la compania de hibridacion Deliflor Crisantemos como Gerente de área, responsable del mercadeo y las ventas de sus productos en Asia y América, así como también en el manejo del programa de hibridacion. Erik estaba ubicado en Medellín, Colombia.

En Noviembre de 2007 Pete Hendriksen fue nombrado como Gerente de Ventas para Norte América y juntos, Erik y Pete, combinaran sus conocimientos y experiencias en la industria de la horticultura para asi ayudar a los cultivadores en las actividades, con nuevas y exitosas ideas para la red de trabajo en la industria. Ahora, ellos usaran sus conocimientos en la industria de hortalizas en América y Asia desarrollando estrategias de mercadeo y ventas para lograr que Hoogendoorn Growth Management obtenga la máxima calidad en servicio y equipos de automatización de invernaderos.

Hoogendoorn es conocido por ser el experto en la mas innovadora automatización de invernaderos. Nuestros computadores y software han sabido controlar todas las condiciones climáticas durante 40 anos. Tenemos una gran trayectoria. Pero lo que no podemos y no vamos a dejar es a los computadores y a nuestro personal comprometido, esta es la mezcla ideal hombre y maquina para entregar el mejor rendimiento. Para mas información, visite nuestra pagina webwww.hoogendoornautomation.com