Netherlands King Investiture Beijing Embassy

The embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands held an investiture party at the Beijing Embassy. The party was attended by about 800 visitors many Royal companies had a small booth at the entrance. NOS Dutch national television was present to give a impression how queens-day kings-day was celebrated abroad. Many visitors spoke Spanish and were from Argentine, to celebrate for princess Maxima.

Kingdom Netherlands Embassy entrance BeijingDutch companies presenting themselves






Big audience during inauguration

Argentine VIPS during Investiture of the dutch King







The front page of the China daily showed a picture of former queen Beatrix and King William. After all I think the royal family did some good Holland promotion and should continue doing that in the future.

2013-05-01 14.55.04

Japan Cherry Blossom

Flowers are very important in Japan. We know the following flower events, Cherry blossom which remarks the start of spring, Ikebana the Japanese art that uses flowers as the main focal point, the Chrysanthemum which is stamped on the Japanese 100 yen coin.

2013-03-23 12.22.12


I was lucky to be in Japan in one of the most beautiful periods in the year. Always at the end of march beginning of April the Sakura tree or Japanese Cherry tree is showing it’s blossom. This is quite an important national event as it gets a lot of airtime on television and on internet you can find various maps indicating where to find the best spots to see the cherry blossom.


2013-03-23 12.29.29

Besides watching the flowers which the Japanese call Hanami “going on a trip to see flowers” is a centuries old tradition. As you can see on the photos now a days it involves a national pick nick event with the family, friends or colleagues.

2013-03-24 12.08.18


Featured image thanks to Frederic Rivollier