Alive Octopus for dinner

Sometimes sales is easy sometimes you have to bite the bullet, by eating alive octopus during a business trip. The Korean’s call it Sannakji, eating a fresh-cut octopus while the suction cups of the octopus are still moving. The word nakji stands for octopus. Eating this dish is not so much about taste as its more about mouth sensation while feeling the cups moving in you mouth and sucking to your tongue or other parts of the inside of you mouth. This dish i have eaten in the famous fish-market restaurant area in Mazan South Korea.  On the web there are also several reports about the danger of choking, this is only the case in my opinion when you put large amounts in your mouth at one time.

Featured image thanks to: Kirk K






Dunkin Donuts sold out

During my trip to Korea at the end of January. it was extreme cold. This was effecting local strawberry production and for that reason all products containing strawberries were sold out.

We are used to have all food year round available and sometimes we are not aware how much energy and effort it costs from our farmers and food production companies to have it year round available. Due to climate change, which will cause more extreme weather and a fast growing population with a good income, we probably will see these signs more often in the future.


Dunking Donut Sold out cropped

Featured image thanks to: Dade Freeman