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Hoogendoorn America Inc Office

Hoogendoorn Growth Management is moving into new offices at the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, in the heart of Niagara’s greenhouse industry in Ontario.
“Hoogendoorn has chosen this location because of confidence that over the next years, the centre will become a world-class research institution and international hub for horticulture and floriculture research, innovation and commercial activity,” said general manager Erik van Berkum. “This is exactly the environment where Hoogendoorn wants to be. We need an active environment where we can test and further develop our greenhouse climate control equipment, our plant sensors and web services for online management and collaboration.”
For further information, contact Erik van Berkum at 289-668-3155, or national sales manager Pete Hendriksen at 289-407-6420.

The company’s website is www.hoogendoorn.ca, and the fax number is 905-688-7036.

The wordmark of the Government of Ontario, featuring a stylized version of the provincial flower, the trillium.

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