World Chrysanthemum Production

Below you can find a table of the worldwide Chrysanthemum production or as the Americans say it pompoms. I have made this predictions based on the fact that I have visited many chrysanthemum production companies and farms all over the world. Countries colored red are none UPOV countries the blue countries have UPOV signed the UPOV treaty. If you want to know the amount in American bunches dive by 4.7, to have a reasonable accurate amount.

Country Stems
Canada 30.000.000
United States 35.000.000
Mexico 300.000.000
Costa Rica 20.000.000
Colombia 900.000.000
Ecuador 15.000.000
Netherlands Holland 1.500.000.000
United Kingdom 35.000.000
Poland 20.000.000
Spain 120.000.000
Italy 300.000.000
South Africa 100.000.000
China ?????
Korea 20.000.000
Japan 2.100.000
Malaysia 92.000.000
Australia 20.000.000
New Zealand 4.000.000

world chrysanthemum production 2007

Above file is created in MS Visio are you interested in updating the file let me know I email you a copy.

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  1. hi, hope u are fine, where did u get that info, i would like to chek it for a school work

  2. Worked several years as a salesman for chrysanthemum, together with a magazine i put this information together in September 2007. All the countries i have been myself and talked to the growers.

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