World Professional Horticulture software automation companies

I built a worldwide directory of Horticulture Software automation companies. Below you find a list by country, I know there are many more. Do you have any suggestions please let me know I will be happy to add them.

Dutch Greenhouse Horticulture software automation, Holland The Netherlands

Dutch Greenhouse Horticulture systems automation and or Horticultural Installers water electro Heating The Netherlands Holland

  • Electro Limburg
  • Patron Agri Systems
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    1. Stavya Eco is a startup company in India being promoted my professionals with wide experience. Our core values are – Innovation, Accountability, Long relationships and Mutual trust. The company has a portfolio of products in sustainable energy and advanced agriculture/horticulture. One of our focus areas is Bioponic growing media. Our growing media range includes Coco Peat and other innovative natural fibre based media. We will also be producing blended media with Coco Peat, Bio-Char, Vermi compost and other high nitrogen fixation slow release fibres.
      We are looking for buyers/partners from across the globe who would be interested in having a long term relationship with us for mutual benefit. We are open to long term price contracts. This is an unique opportunity for buyers to be associated at an early stage with a startup company to get long term price benefits. If interested please contact
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    2. i am post graduate in horticulture,having 22year experience in line,51year old,want to work in floriculture and landscaping.

    3. It enlarge my knowledge on the point!Thank You for the post. I love to read interesting post that has knowledge to impart. I hope to read more articles from you . Keep up the good work!

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