Kumamon art

Japanese love mascots the most popular one is Kumamon bear. This mascot is created by the local government of Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan in 2010 for the opening of the new bullet train stop. In 2011 it was voted as the most popular Japanese character.

Having dinner in a nice Italian restaurant in Tokyo I came a cross the Kumamon character made from Champagne cork, next to Mickey and Mini Mouse.


At the moment their are already 3 books written about the bear and another in the making.

Some other statistics about Kumamon, he has over 220.000 Twitter followers and more than 110.000 Facebook page likes.



Featured image thanks to jpellgen

Tomato haircut

In the Netherlands we are always looking for the next new thing in tomato-land. If growers during “Kom in de Kas”, are getting their hair done like the girl below this successful event becomes even more successful.

This tomato haircut is a work of art by a hairdresser called Hiro who works in a hair salon in Osaka. It seems that this kind of haircuts are very popular among a group of trendy young people who hang out in the Amemura district in Osaka.

tomato haircut

tomato haircut 2

Source: Languinsquid

Netherlands King Investiture Beijing Embassy

The embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands held an investiture party at the Beijing Embassy. The party was attended by about 800 visitors many Royal companies had a small booth at the entrance. NOS Dutch national television was present to give a impression how queens-day kings-day was celebrated abroad. Many visitors spoke Spanish and were from Argentine, to celebrate for princess Maxima.

Kingdom Netherlands Embassy entrance BeijingDutch companies presenting themselves






Big audience during inauguration

Argentine VIPS during Investiture of the dutch King







The front page of the China daily showed a picture of former queen Beatrix and King William. After all I think the royal family did some good Holland promotion and should continue doing that in the future.

2013-05-01 14.55.04

Zero Emission Taxi Japan

Walking outside of Tokyo station I run into the zero emission taxi. A small electric car produced by Mitsubishi. I was happy to see that apart from Nissan Renault with their Leaf and GM with the Volt also Mitsubishi entered the market of electric cars.

The environmental friendly Zero Taxi with its cute round shape, white body, shades of green embellishing the door panels and a logo declaring Zero-emission Taxi. The Japanese call it: Zero-taku, this taxi can drive about 160 km on a full battery. The first 2 km cost you a little less than 8.00 $ which is about the same as what you pay for an ordinary taxi which runs usually on LPG in Japan.