Hoogendoorn announces global expansion into Asia, new office in Beijing

Official opening Hoogendoorn Asia:
China: Hoogendoorn announces global expansion into Asia, new office in Beijing

Hoogendoorn officially opened its new office in Beijing. The opening was held at the Dutch Embassy in China on the 23rd of April 2014. Approximately 180 invitees were present at the reception. Together with Hoogendoorn’s CEO Martin van Gogh, Export Director Martin Helmich and Managing Director of Hoogendoorn Asia Erik van Berkum, Hoogendoorn Asia was officially opened. For this occasion an ice sculpture in the shape of Hoogendoorn Asia’s logo was poured with red wine. The speech was held by Export Director Martin Helmich.

Hoogendoorn Asia opening
This new office represents the expansion of the company in response to customer demand in the rapidly growing market. With this step, Hoogendoorn confirms its position as a key supplier to the worldwide horticultural market. As Hoogendoorn is represented in all continents, it enables doing business across multiple time zones, in different languages and with a strong cultural adaptability.

Closer to its customers

The decision to open a new office in China allows Hoogendoorn to provide a local presence in the Asian market: there is always a specialist available who is well aware of the local climate and business circumstances. This way, recommendations and solutions can be fully aligned with customer’s requirements. Even the software language can be set to user’s wishes. Martin Helmich, Export Director Hoogendoorn: “Hoogendoorn provides user-friendly software in the Chinese language. This allows customers to use the functionalities optimally in order to achieve higher production.” In addition Hoogendoorn also provides local maintenance service, technical support and training.

Boosting horticultural technology in China

The opening of the Asian office has been enthusiastically received by other Dutch horticultural suppliers. “This new office will give a boost to the use of Hoogendoorn’s horticultural technology, contributing to a more innovative and sustainable development of greenhouse horticulture in China and Asia”, said Agricultural Counsellor Marinus Overheul. 

Erik van Berkum, Managing Director, has been appointed to run the office in China and the Asian market. Van Berkum has 17 years of experience in the horticultural industry and has been active in Asia since 2001.

Hoogendoorn Asia looks forward to welcoming you at this new location:


Hair dressers Dancing in the street

In Asia you see quite often that there is a company motivation drill in front of a hotel restaurant or shop. This is not very common to happen on in the western world. Today I was lucky to see the hair dresser motivation dance in front of their shop.

Quite an amount of participants having fun.





Thanks to Garry Knight for the featured image

The world is flat buying on Amazon China

The world is getting flatter everyday, today I had a very good experience buying a HP Laser printer and setting up and Amazon account on their Chinese portal.

Buying on Amazon is such a relief as buying something in China in a shop is always a bargaining game that never ends, getting the price down 40% to 60% is very normal but takes time and patience. I am not always in the mood for this and that’s when you get abused also with some much fake products in the shops you never know if you bargain on the real thing or some imitation model. I trust Amazon so when I buy a brand I assume I get the real thing and not some imitation. I got the tip buying on Amazon China from some other Chinese guys working in my office they buy almost everything online. Next week we have a trade show and they were buying dress shirts.

Amazon China is a the Amazon site dedicated to the Chinese market they offer the site only in Mandarin so a foreigner who doesn’t read or write Chinese this becomes a bit of an issue. Thanks to Google Chrome automatic translation I was able to set up an  Amazon account and got my printer ordered and shipped to our new office in Beijing within minutes. A good bonus is that you can easy set up your account with an American or European Credit Card.


Amazon Chinese
When you buy on Amazon China the website looks like this and their is no way of getting it into another language


Amazon english
Google Chrome automatic translation does the trick and give a clear overview of what you are doing.

Featured image thanks to Doug Johnson