World professional Greenhouse builders list

A worldwide directory of professional Greenhouse builders. Professional means Greenhouse builders for commercial production. Below you find a list by country, I know there are many more. Do you have any suggestions please let me know I will be happy to add them. Please don’t post hobby greenhouse builders since I like to keep this list with professional commercial applications builders only. I made a fairly big update to the list in March 2013 added new countries, like Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary  Switzerland, Kenya, Finland, Italy, Russia took some away which no longer exists, also updated names where companies merged or changed names for other purposes.

Australian Greenhouse builders, Australia

Austrian Greenhouse builders, Austrian

Belgium Greenhouse builders

Brazilian Greenhouse builders, Brazil

Bulgarian Greenhouse builders, Bulgaria

Canadian Greenhouse builders, Canada

Chinese Greenhouse construction and design

Danish Greenhouse builders

Dutch Greenhouse builders, Holland, Netherlands

Dutch Greenhouse demolition and refurbished greenhouses

  • Mustang Demolition
  • v.d. Meer & v.d Arend
  • Olsthoorn Greenhouse Projects
  • Hogervorst Tabben
  • Kiek van de Kamp
  • Eurokas
  • Loon
  • bedrijf Kusters
  • SL Kassen
  • van der Knijf
  • CM Hoogenraad
  • Ben van Nieuwkerk
  • van Vliet Kassen
  • Buurman Kassensloop
  • Timmermans Kassensloop
  • Velco Holland
  • Noteboom Betonwerken
  • VIS Groep
  • Dekker kasfundatie
  • MGX Kasvloer…
  • van der Stap Beton.
  • de Kuiper Heiwerken.

English Greenhouse builders, United Kingdom England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Eire

Finnish Greenhouse builders, Finland

French Greenhouse builders, France

German Greenhouse builders, Germany

Hungarian Greenhouse builders, Hungaria

Indian Greenhouse builders, India

Israeli Greenhouse builders

Italian Greenhouse builders, Italy

Japanese Greenhouse builders, Japan

Kenyan Greenhouse builders, Kenya

Korean Greenhouse builders

Constructores de Invernaderos en México / Mexican Greenhouse builders Mexico

New Zealand Greenhouse builders

Polish Greenhouse builders

Serbian Greenhouse builders

Constructores de Invernaderos en España / Spanish Greenhouse builders Spain

Swiss Greenhouse builders, Switzerland

Russian Greenhouse builders, Russia

Turkish Greenhouse builders, Turkey

Greenhouse builders in United States  / US