Horticulture one liners

Tomato production per m2

Over the last 50 years, the greenhouse industry has grown from small family based operation to large enterprises, from low-tech glasshouse with little environmental control to high-tech modern greenhouse with complex climate control systems, from soil to soiless production, and from short production cycle to year-round production of high quality produce.

Some important facts to know:

  1. Light is the most important growth factor in plants production 1% more light in a greenhouse gives 1% more production.
  2. Adding CO2 to your greenhouse production will increase your tomato production by 30% to 40%.
  3. By the year 2020 The Netherlands will have an energy neutral greenhouse production
  4. Labor and shipping costs in North America can be at least five times more costly than heating so mechanize where possible.

The most productive tomato farm in the world at this moment produces 104 Kg tomatoes per m2. Numbers tell the tale: Without adequate water tomato yields around Leamington Ontario in Canada run about 75.000 – 86.000 kg tomatoes per hectare. If the growers has a good irrigation system it will achieve almost double, 124.000 to 148.000 kg tomatoes per hectare. If these tomato plants are put in Greenhouses, you can achieve a 500.000 in an average middle tech greenhouse up till over 1.000.0000 kilos per hectare in a high tech greenhouse such as Village Farms

The computer age has been with us for 30-plus years and many operations still don’t take advantage of its potential. Computers are tools that can enhance steps and procedures in our business when we know what the outcomes are. The can definitely solve problems. By using the computer to take care of routine tasks of record keeping, planning and retrieving information, we will have more time to solve problems and improve our operations.