Pipe Rail Trolley

These days greenhouse operations worldwide can’t do without pipe rail trolleys or when they don’t have a pipe rail heating system they can use harvest and transport carts. Especially in the last years the electric carts are getting more popular. As often, first started the tomato producers than the other vegetable growers started to use them. In the last few years the flower industry also started to adapt their production technics with pipe rail trolleys. The only sector which isn’t yet using the carts are growers which grow into soil. Below a list 0f  suppliers of  pipe rail trolleys:

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[li_item icon=””]Berg Product[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]Berkvens[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]Bogaerts[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]Buitendijk Slaman[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]Metazet FormFlex[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]Precimet H.C.E.[/li_item]
[li_item icon=””]Steenks Service[/li_item]


Most suppliers supply carts which can go up to a height of 6.5 meters or 21 Feet, with workers standing on these carts they can work easily up till 8.5 meters or 28 Feet. Due to the height people are working on these platform all suppliers have protected their carts against falling over. The carts have on average two batteries of 24V with a power of 110 Ah, this will give you an operation working time of around 14 hours, more than enough to work a full day in the greenhouse and they can be charged overnight. The pipe rail trolleys can move step less at a speed 0-60 meters per minute. The weight between various models and suppliers varies a lot the lightest cart weighs 160 kilos and the heaviest is 680 kilos.

Berg Products

logo berghortBerg Products have a comprehensive range of solutions for all types of crop cultivation. Stand-alone- or totally integrated installations? Hi-tech or lo-tech greenhouses with or without pipe rail systems. The systems differ, but not the performance. Reliability is always the first consideration. Ergonomics also play an important role in our designs. Safety regulations form another vital aspect. The design of the pipe rail trolleys for plant care is always being improved. Ever since the first pipe rail trolley appeared – developed by Arie van den Berg and others – the design boundaries have continually been extended. Having our own in-house engineering and production departments means that we can guarantee solutions that precisely suit your own particular method of operation.



logo berkvensBerkvens Metal and engineering company is known for the Green Lift. These platforms reaching heights from three to six meters. This is making them ideal for greenhouses. Berkvens platforms is a brand that in recent years has become a familiar sight in the world of pipe rail trolleys. The lifts are used for plant maintenance and maintenance of the greenhouse. Berkvens is also active in special stainless steel constructions for the non-food sector. Examples include stainless steel scissors tables. Berkvens develops automated harvesting trucks on induction lines for tomato and pepper crops. These trucks drive back and forth between the sorting area and the greenhouse.

Berkvens Pipe rail trolley


logo bogaertsIn the early ninety’s, Joris Bogaerts developed the first rail cart with double shears to improve the needs of the modern greenhouse. Ever since then, Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics has grown into an authoritative company in engineering and production of machines for professional greenhouse production facilities. The Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics Tube rail carts have been continuously improved ever since their development, based on experience from daily practice. This has conducted to a product which meets the requirements of the customer perfectly:

  • The end-user prefers Bogaerts tube rail carts because these are user-friendly and stable.
  • The greenhouse manager chooses for Bogaerts tube rail carts because they are robust and run trouble free for many years.


Buitendijk Slaman

logo buitendijk slamanBuitendijk-Slaman is the specialist in designing and producing of internal transport for greenhouses and the industry. By developing of innovative products en tailor solutions, became Buitendijk-Slaman one of the market leaders in the field of horticultural logistics. Buitendijk-Slaman is located in the Netherlands in the city Bleiswijk, one of the main centres of the Dutch glasshouses. As a modern and well-designed production company, Buitendijk & Slaman is able to fine-tune its assortment to the wishes and needs of its clients, at home as well as abroad, through its professional and motivated employees. This is especially due to our customer-oriented way of thinking and acting, and of course the delivery of quality products. Our very professional service employees look after the maintenance of all our products. This service department is responsible for the assembly and maintenance, at home as well as abroad.



Metazet FormFlex

logoformflex metazetFor almost 30 years Metazet developed and produced support and suspension materials. The last number of years Metazet is also involved in a continuous process of developing and manufacturing automated systems e.g. hanging basket systems, internal transport systems, lifting devices and various types of cultivation and harvesting systems. Since the 1st of January 2011 Metazet and Formflex are cooperating worldwide together.



PRECIMET logoPrecimet is a Polish company and started it’s activities in the horticulture sector in 1989 from Lodz. They export there pipe rail trolleys to the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine and Belarus. The company offers a whole rang of products to help you run your greenhouse operation of efficiently like, harvesting trolleys, spray carts, fogging machines, re-circulation fans and mixers for fertilizer tanks.

Precimet currently has two pipe rail trolley models, the WNE-402 which goes up to a platform height of 2.28 meters and the WHE-417 2.98 meters. Both pipe rail trolley models have a double scissor-type lifting jack assembly, the work platform is powered by double hydraulic cylinders.



 Steenks Service