Over 100 Year wisdom: 50 ways I can improve myself

John PattersonJohn Patterson founder of the National Cash Register now a days known as NCR, trained his sales force to become better sales people. He had a NCR sales script, “How I sell a National Cash Register” which become known as “The Primer”. First Primer was introduced in June 1887.

50 Ways I Can Improve Myself


  1. Simple food, quality, quantity
  2. Regular in eating and sleep
  3. Masticate, leave table hungry
  4. We are a part of all we have eaten
  5. Exercise, five minutes three times daily
  6. Air — Most important
  7. Sunlight, artificial light
  8. Water inside and outside
  9. Loose clothing
  10. Early to sleep: plenty


  1. Think sanely
  2. Learn from mental superiors
  3. Learn to listen attentively
  4. Read best newspapers and books
  5. Improve memory
  6. Concentrate
  7. Don’t worry unnecessarily
  8. Be systematic
  9. Weigh both sides
  10. Avoid inferior minds


  1. Right is right, wrong is wrong.
  2. Be truthful
  3. Ignore precedent if wrong
  4. Seek elevating recreation
  5. Don’t deceive yourself
  6. Learn to say “NO”
  7. Live up to your principles
  8. Avoid temptation
  9. Form good habits
  10. Have constitution


  1. Increase my earnings
  2. Decrease unnecessary expense
  3. Save money U.S. Postal bank
  4. Money makes Money
  5. Invest don’t gamble
  6. Make family budget
  7. Hard work
  8. Study the business
  9. Pay cash for everything
  10. Increase credit balance


  1. Avoid bad associates
  2. Select helpful friends
  3. Think alone
  4. Learn to be happy alone
  5. Family best company
  6. Work out alone, my problems
  7. Avoid so-called society
  8. Entertain economically
  9. Stand well with neighbours
  10. Do some welfare work