IPV6 ready

Today about 1% of Internet surfers can’t get to my site. These surfers are on an IPv6-only network and their entire Internet universe consists of only about 6,000 websites. To put that in perspective, that’s like the Internet circa 1996. The other 99% of Internet surfers use the IPv4 network and can get to your site no problem since it running on IPv4 infrastructure. But the number of IPv4 addresses is running out, and the 1% of visitors on IPv6 will soon be 2% and eventually most new web surfers will only have IPv6. That means before long, if something doesn’t change, most surfers on the web won’t be able to see my site.

That seemed like a really gloomy outcome so i spend a little time to setup my IPV6 records in my dns records of Cloudflare.

ipv6 ready

Featured image thanks to Samskart