The white house on Facebook for Energy

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I am normally not a supporter of politics on my blog, but today I think we have some interesting news Energy Secretary Steven Chu has joined Facebook to start a conversation about solving today’s energy challenges.

He recently joined Facebook because he wanted to talk with you directly about solving the energy and climate change challenge and ensuring America’s leadership in a clean energy economy. He hopes you will check out his new page at

Steven Chu on Facebook

Steven is excited by the chance to share what the Obama Administration is doing to bring about a revolution in clean energy. They are finding innovative ways to use energy more efficiently, working to deploy clean energy technologies like solar and wind power, and conducting cutting edge research to find the next generation of clean technologies. He will keep you up to date on all the latest developments, as well as share tips that will save you money on your energy bills.

But Steven also want to hear from you about what you’re doing in your communities and the steps you think we should take as a nation. I hope we can have a true dialogue because every American can and must play a role in this effort.

I became a fan of Steven to support his effort to bring politics closer to the people.

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