Zero Emission Taxi Japan

Walking outside of Tokyo station I run into the zero emission taxi. A small electric car produced by Mitsubishi. I was happy to see that apart from Nissan Renault with their Leaf and GM with the Volt also Mitsubishi entered the market of electric cars.

The environmental friendly Zero Taxi with its cute round shape, white body, shades of green embellishing the door panels and a logo declaring Zero-emission Taxi. The Japanese call it: Zero-taku, this taxi can drive about 160 km on a full battery. The first 2 km cost you a little less than 8.00 $ which is about the same as what you pay for an ordinary taxi which runs usually on LPG in Japan.



Japan Cherry Blossom

Flowers are very important in Japan. We know the following flower events, Cherry blossom which remarks the start of spring, Ikebana the Japanese art that uses flowers as the main focal point, the Chrysanthemum which is stamped on the Japanese 100 yen coin.

2013-03-23 12.22.12


I was lucky to be in Japan in one of the most beautiful periods in the year. Always at the end of march beginning of April the Sakura tree or Japanese Cherry tree is showing it’s blossom. This is quite an important national event as it gets a lot of airtime on television and on internet you can find various maps indicating where to find the best spots to see the cherry blossom.


2013-03-23 12.29.29

Besides watching the flowers which the Japanese call Hanami “going on a trip to see flowers” is a centuries old tradition. As you can see on the photos now a days it involves a national pick nick event with the family, friends or colleagues.

2013-03-24 12.08.18


Featured image thanks to Frederic Rivollier